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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Transporting Pie

I forgot how hard it is to travel with a peach cobbler. Every time I turned a corner or pressed on the gas, I cringed in fear of making a huge mess. The last time I traveled with one it made a big mess everywhere in my vehicle (a little less this time, it was more contained) but yet it arrived in perfect shape to eat and I had no complaints. I hope you'll enjoy it!!

Shape Up For The Summer

This is me in Hawaii soaking up some sun, before I lost over 100 pounds.
This is me after, at an annual Sweetheart's Ball with some friends.
We had so much fun, I felt like a princess!
This is me and my wonderful husband after enjoying our meal.

After losing weight I feel so much better. I feel free! Here are some tips for losing weight and getting in shape.

Start with small changes in your diet, so that you are not so overwhelmed and more likely to stick with it. The first change I made was to change from whole milk to skim milk or 1% milk.

Drink at least 8, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. If water is not your favorite, add lemon to it or try drinking decaffeinated tea or drinking crystal light which has no sugar or calories. Another thing you can do to stay hydrated is try sugar free popsicles. I love them.

Get 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week, at least 5 to 6. To build muscle mass and help speed up your metabolism do some strength training exercises 2 to 3 times a week, alternating muscle groups.

Mix up your exercise routine so you don't get bored. I like to ride my bike, jog, roller skate, power walk, do step aerobics, Pilate's and yoga. If you can find a friend to workout with that's even better.

Another way to speed up your metabolism is to eat 5 to 6 nutritious meals a day, roughly every three hours.

Cut back on fried foods and fast foods. Did you know a Quarter Pounder Meal at McDonalds is about 1400-1500 calories. Woman are only supposed to have 2000 calories or less a day and men are supposed to have no more than 2500 calories a day.

Meals and snacks should be a combination of good carbohydrates (like fruits and vegetables) and proteins.

Stay away from prepackaged and processed food as much as possible.

Stay away from anything white in your diet such as white bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. They are packed with sugar. The more sugar you eat the more you crave.

Did you know your waist in inches should be no more than half your height?

If your BMI is over 24.9 your are considered overweight. Do something about it now before you become obese like I was. (Not a pretty site)!

Stay away from over the counter drugs and prescription medications that claim to help you lose weight. Losing weight naturally is always best. Prescription medications help you lose weight quickly but once you stop taking them you gain the weight back quickly and you gain twice as much as you lost. I know!! You didn't need any drugs to help you gain weight, you don't need them to help you lose it. Just a little work!!

Love Your Heart and Make a changes in your lifestyle today. After all, Your heart is the only one you'll ever have.


The contractors are just about finished doing the various jobs needed to be done on my home from the May Hail Storm and it couldn't come a minute sooner. Don't get me wrong they have done a wonderful job with the repairs but there is always a steady stream of people at or around my doorstep from the roofers, to the painters, to the carpet people or the contractors just stopping by to take measurements for this or for that or just coming by to check and see if the work has been done and even if your happy with everything...So far everything looks great and I really can't complain too much. It just seems like I'm always at home waiting for someone to show up and work for the day...I want my life back!!


Tomorrow after class, I have the first interview I've had in over 12 years. I'm just a tad bit nervous. I did have a mock interview two semesters ago with two professors (one I didn't know) as a part of one of my teaching courses. It was a big deal. I was nervous then too. We had to prepare and present our resume, cover letter and reference page for the specific position we were applying for and we also had to dress professionally for our interview. After our interview we were graded on our appearance, preparedness and professionalism. I did fine, but I'm still a little nervous. Does anybody have any last minute advice? I believe the main thing is to be myself. That always seemed to work for me in the past...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost There

The Peach Cobbler is almost done. I hope it taste as good as it looks and smells, but I'm sure you'll will let me know tommorrow. It's been a long time since I baked one, so I hope my skills are not rusty...

Bridge Over Cold Water

Hey guys, check out this bridge in Juneau, Alaska. My mom took this photo and sent it to me on her way to Alaska about a year ago when she took the ferry over to live there. She loves it! We haven't been there yet, it looks way to cold for me. Although, my mom says its warm enough for people to wear shorts most of the year. My mom's only complaints are that there are not alot restaurants besides McDonalds or KFC or places to shop and in the winter it's dark most of the day. Since she's been there she has sent us some strange food but it taste good. We've had swaei and milk fish and some spicy reindeer sausage that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole but my husband and my sons like it especially on the grill. She really likes living there because she likes to fish and she loves to look at the whales. My husband and sons can't wait to go to Alaska so they can fish. They looove to fish. Me not so much, but I hear it is beautiful there so it would be worth it to brave some of the extreme temperatures to go and see my mom.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Cute Is This

I think this is the cutest commercial. This baby is cute as he can be. This makes me kind of wish my children was this age again, what a fun age! However, I don't miss paying those high prices for diapers...You almost need a second job to pay for diapers and formula, they are worth it though!

Speaker Of The Hour

David Rhea was very interesting and informative. He really shed a new light on how to take blogging to a whole new level. Being blogger savvy is a great way for journalists to spread their wings and go beyond the limitations of a newspaper. Another great thing about blogging is your not limited by time and place, but by time and blog on...It looks good on your resume.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honor Your Father

I would like to wish all the father's of the world a Happy Father's Day. I happen to have the most wonderful father ever. Since I was a little girl, I've been Daddy's little girl. I am a Daddy's girl for life. I can't imagine life without my father. I love my father soo much and I know he loves me too...My dad is my biggest fan, my biggest supporter and my best friend. He would do anything in this world for me. Thank you dad for everything.

I have also been blessed with a wonderful husband that is a great father to our four sons. He is teaching them what it is to be good men and leading by example. "Most of what children learn in the home is caught, not taught".

I also have a marvelous father-in-law who is a true christian and plays a tremendous role in my children's lives. He is an excellent example of a true man and he loves my children as if they were his own. After all it does take a village to raise a child... My prayer for my boys is that they grow up to be the men their father and grandfathers are. My children are extremely blessed to have so many positive male role models in their lives.

My grandfather is 89 years old and is another fine example of a godly christian man. I take every opportunity I can to visit him. I love sitting down talking with him. I could talk to him for hours. I want my children to learn about his legacy and where they came from. So that his memory will live on in their hearts long after he is gone. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving, caring and good hearted men. A girl couldn't ask for much more than that. Everyday they are a part of my life is father's day. Love your Heart by honoring the men in your life daily. I know I will.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Come with me to Hawaii

Check out these stunning views from my honeymoon in Hawaii.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature's Fury

Nature has once again unleashed her fury. I don't know what she's mad about but she's upset about something. A lot of us are still recuperating from the hail storm we had not to long ago. Out of all the stories I heard yesterday, the most captivating one is about the teenager that was walking to work and was caught in flood waters trying to help another lady that was stranded in the flood waters as well. Bless her. My heart just went out to her and her family. I had a teenager at home yesterday wanting to get out and go to his grandparents but being the protective mom that I am, I wouldn't let him. I couldn't bear the thought of him being caught out in those flood waters. Even though he is a strong young man (a 240 pound offensive and defensive linebacker and a strong swimmer) I still would've been outrageously worried. Thank God that young lady was a strong swimmer and was able to hang on for as long as she did until help arrived. I just wonder what happened to the person she was trying to help. The news never mentioned anything else about it. My next thought was, why was she even out walking to work in those types of conditions anyway?? I really feel bad for all those people whose homes flooded that didn't have flood insurance. I feel their pain. In the last hail storm we had, my children's play room was flooded and the insurance wouldn't pay to fix it because they said we needed flood insurance, but whenever we took out insurance on our homes, they were quick to tell us that we didn't need flood insurance in Oklahoma that's a joke! We know now!! And what about all those people whose vehicles were flooded? Are they going to need flood insurance as well? That was some sight to see all those cars under water...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stranger Things Have Happened

In August 2006, my husband and I took a long awaited honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii after 18 years of marriage. It was beautiful and well worth our wait. We had a blast. We went snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, at which time we saw lots of beautiful fish and a few sharks. We also rode ATV's up a volcanic mountain, where we could look down and see the home where Tiger Woods lives in Hawaii. We also had the opportunity to see the home Oprah owns in Hawaii. While we were there we also attended a Luau and partook of some of the freshest tasting food and drink I ever had. We also took a cruise around the island in which I became very sea sick and a little tipsy from the biggest Pina Colada's known to man. The views were the most breathtaking views in the world. But there were some views that made you say Hum...See what you think. Strange but beautiful, right!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Soon Forgotton

The day the bombing occurred I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at the time I felt the earth shake below me. I was at work, not far from the Murrah Building Bombing, filing some paperwork. At the time it occurred, I thought hum that was strange but I didn't think anything else about it until the news broke of what happened. I was shaken with utter disbelief. I thought this can't be happening. It felt like a bad dream unfolding before my very eyes..(Much like the Sept. 11 tragedy in New York City). I immediately begin to wonder if any of my loved ones could have been at the Murrah Building that day. So I quickly grabbed the phone at work and starting calling any and everybody I knew to make sure they were okay, then I begin to pray for the families of the loved ones trapped in the building.

The images I saw on television that day and the days that followed will be forever ingrained in my memory. It is still hard to wrap my mind around this horrible act of terrorism that occurred on Oklahoma soil over 15 years ago. All the men, women and children that lost their lives in the Murrah Building Bombing may be gone but not soon forgotten. They will be forever ingrained in our hearts and minds.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jim's health blog

I decided to follow this blog because I too am into health coscience activities. Type 2 diabetes is a prevetable disease that can be avoided by losing the extra weight. I know because I used to be considered obese and well on my way to type 2 diabetes if I didn't do something about it. I have lost over a 100 pds and kept it for almost 3 years and I feel great. Stay tuned for more information on my weight lost journey on future blogs.

"A Thousand Beating Hammers"

At 7 a.m., I woke up to a thousand beating hammers on my roof. Although the sound of hammers banging on my ceiling isn't doing anything for my headache, it's a relief to know the work is finally being done. For weeks, I didn't want to answer my door or even go outside because of roofers swarming through the neighborhood pouncing on any and everyone they saw and didn't see trying to drum up business from the last hail storm. I kind of felt like a prisoner in my own home. It would seem there would be plenty of business to go around with all the damage that was done. I had thirty-thousand plus dollars worth of damage done to my home. Not only was the roof damaged but the gutters, siding, children's toys in the backyard, shed, garage door and I had damage to my bonus room. Sadly enough, there are even roofing companies driving through the neighborhood stealing other roofing companies supplies off people's driveways as they wait to have their roofs repaired. "How crazy is that."

As I was standing on my porch last night talking to yet another person who rang my doorbell trying to sell me a product my neighbor across the street yelled to me out of his car window as he was leaving "there is a roofer coming at 9 o'clock better beware". The fury of roofers left scurrying in the neighbor has become a running joke because nothing deters them not even having someone else's sign posted in your yard. Have to go, it's hard to concentrate with all the noise.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I rather enjoyed Ken Robinson's video. I agree with him that all people are born artists. If you don't believe me spend some time with young children and listen to some of the things they say. My youngest child is seven and he is very creative and very much a thinker. He analyzes everything frontwards and backwards and picks everything apart. He asks questions that I would never dream of asking. He definitely thinks outside the box. Have you ever heard the saying "kids say the darnedest things" or "out of the mouths of babes". That's because children aren't afraid to say what they think and most of all they aren't afraid of being wrong. To me that's what's so special and unique about children. As parents, teachers and educators we should promote and embrace each child's creativeness verses discouraging it. In some sense the educational system is a little "a__" backwards because some of the first programs that are cut in schools are art and music. There are other ways of expressing your creativity besides using a pen and paper. As Ken Robinson said our challenge is to educate a child's whole being. (Mind, body, soul and creativity...)

I agree with his statement that we don't grow into creativity; we grow out of it. As an adult it's hard to think outside the box that we've been educated into. Growing up, there were a few teachers that challenged you to think outside the box but not many. Those were usually the funnest teachers and sometimes the hardest teachers, because the older you get the harder it is to think outside the box in some instances. As a child, it wasn't hard at all to wonder "why not" verses "why", it was almost second nature. Now I look back and wonder what happened to that. Ken was right, traditional education is what happened. Nowadays, it is treat to have a teacher that challenges you to think outside the box. It helps to get those creative juices flowing. I believe each of us was born creative but not all of us were trained to tap into our creativity.